UPDATES ON THE AIRING DATE OF EMPIRE " The long awaited series'

Empire is a show that centers around a hip pop music and entertainment company together with the drama and complications among the members of the founders family 'Lucious Lyon'. Season 3 ended with Lucious losing his memory in an accident. Season 4 began with the war between the Lyons and the Dubois but the Dubois were defeated and conquered by the Lyons in the end. Empire is currently rated 7.7/10 by IMDB. The last episode of the mid-season ended with a lot of drama which includes Jamal shooting Angelo, Andre confessing to Lucious about his accident and Lucious getting kidnapped by his nurse 'Claudia'.
                                               Below is a picture of the Lyon Family

         The last nine episodes of season 4 was set to be released on the 29th of March. I gladly announce to you that episode 10 of empire season 4 was released two days ago. Empire is featuring 18 episodes in this season and all the other episodes will be released on weekly basis.We all agree that the first 9 episodes of season 4 was interesting and full of suspense. which of the following events shocked you the most:
1.Claudia kidnapping Lucious
2. Jamal shooting Angelo
3. Andre's confession to Lucious
          I guess the real question here is, is Angelo really dead?  Will Jamal go to prison for his actions?  Why was Lucious kidnapped right after Andre confessed to him? And will Lucious forgive Andre for plotting to kill him?

Download empire season 4 episode 10 using the link below and get all the answers you need, you can also get access to all episodes of empire using the link below.

                                 Download here- EMPIRE SEASON 1 -4
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                                                                                                                       by: Nyame Lydia


  1. Yaaayyyy.... Can't wait to watch

  2. OK. Thanks for the info.btw,i love this series

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  4. It feels new watching this series anytime i come acros it..its really interesting...

  5. Empire 😩😩. I lost track. Going back to it soon! Thanks for the link, I hate downloading series but with what you've given I'll download it! Good job!


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